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Laundry Room


Have an older home? Is your laundry room tucked away in the basement or some place inconvenient? Moving or renovating your laundry area can make a big difference both in the way your home functions and ultimately in the value. Typical families tend to spend around 7 hours per week doing laundry. The average load of laundry takes about 2 hours of time, from loading it into the washer to taking it out of the dryer. Now add in the amount of time it takes to collect the clothes, transport them to the laundry room, sort them, wash and dry them, fold or hang them up, then return them to the bedrooms. All of that takes much longer if you’re moving up flights of stairs and walking through hallways and rooms to get there.

The Perfect Space

Laundry rooms can be any size and in any location. A spare linen closet near the bedrooms can be used to house a stackable washer and dryer. Or convert a small room into an elegant laundry room. A standard washer and dryer need approximately 6 feet wide by 3 feet deep. Add in sinks, folding tables, laundry supplies, ironing boards and you’ll need a few feet more.


If a new laundry room is on your list of remodeling projects, you’ll quickly find it isn’t a DIY project. Laundry rooms need a few basic things to function: plumbing and wiring. Building codes also dictate that you install flexible ductwork for the dryer and shut off valves for the washer. You may also need structural changes if your home such as additional floor joists to support the added weight and constant movement that comes with a washer and dryer. Costs will depend on where you place the laundry room and the number of physical changes that need to be made.