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About Us

J&M Custom Contracting was born of values, both personal and professional.

We are James and Melissa, a husband and wife duo as well as co-owners. Everything we have experienced in our lives has led us here, offering you our highest-quality interior remodeling expertise with honesty and integrity.

James and Melissa Bogart together

James has loved building things since he can remember, starting with helping his father with projects around the house. James continued building things while serving in the U.S. Air Force, where his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) was construction. After the military he found himself working for various general contractors with a dream of owning his own general contracting business someday.

Melissa has always loved to decorate and design spaces in her home, and, after meeting her husband, came to love understanding how to build things herself. She always enjoys learning new things and then applying her knowledge to create something beautiful out of something old or completely new.

When the time finally came to start a general contracting business, though, we determined we wouldn’t be like everyone else. Melissa knew from experience how difficult it could be to find reliable contractors, people who would do what they promised while completing jobs with quality and integrity. We knew we wanted our business to be different and stand for something that customers could trust.

Being different from all the rest isn’t just a platitude for us, though. It’s a founding principle that holds strong to this day. When you work with J&M Custom Contracting, you receive beautifully remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, and more for affordable prices, but our business is so much more than what we do.

So when it came time to start this company, we formed J&M Custom Contracting, named in part for our dedication to each other but also to express our willingness to customize each customer’s experience with us and our company.

James Bogart

We personalize everything we can to meet our customers’ needs, which often allows us to get quite close to our customers. We view our customers as friends, not just transactions, and we are as personally invested in each project as the customer. We’re people helping other people in the best ways we know how.

At J&M, our company’s philosophy is built on the belief that being E.Q.U.I.P is being well rounded. But what does that really mean for you?

Melissa Bogart

E – Educate – we take the time to explain to our customers what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. We work closely with our suppliers and stay educated on new product developments.

Q – Quality – we work hard for you because you work hard for your money. We offer you the best quality that we can provide. We always leave a job having done our best, and we take pride in doing things the right way.

U – Unity – we’re in this together with our customers. We work with our customers closely to ensure they have received their desired outcomes. To achieve those outcomes, our crew works as a team to accomplish that.

I – Integrity – we say what we mean and mean what we say. J&M doesn’t do “no call, no shows,” and we are always honest with you.

P – Professionalism – we leave our job sites clean. Our crew is open, respectful, and communicative at all times.

Everyone who joins J&M is educated in E.Q.U.I.P. It’s our guiding framework for how the work is completed and how our customers are treated.

We’re proud of our story at J&M Custom Contracting. It’s truly a pleasure helping others bring their dream spaces to life. If we sound like your kind of interior contracting company, we’d love to work with you.