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Home Office


If you have been working from your kitchen counter, living room coffee table, or a small desk in your bedroom, it may be time to consider adding a home office. You might already have a spare room, loft or an unfinished basement you can convert into a productive work area.

Whether you remodel an existing room to become your office or build an office from scratch, you want the room to meet your needs without compromise. This requires you to thoughtfully consider what to include in your new home office.


Custom cabinets : A built-in work area can transform your makeshift workspace into a room designed precisely to boost productivity. Your cabinets might include doors, drawers, shelves, filing cabinets, a computer workstation, and wall storage.

Electrical work : Whether you have to rewire the room to accommodate for additional electronics, or you need to add cable and telephone lines, this electrical work is an essential part of maximizing the functionality of your home office. You may also want to add light fixtures and switches to increase your lighting options.

Finishes: Your home office should exude a professional appearance, especially if you have clients visit or it can be seen in video calls. New drywall, baseboards, crown molding, and floors are appropriate finishes for a home office.